It is a good thing that cyber bullying is becoming illegal. Now, what about the press that slanders good people and forever hides behind ‘freedom of the press’? What if John Doe gets arrested and charges are immediately dropped. There was an error. But John Doe has to endure the headlines on the internet and it changes the rest of his life. There should be a moratorium on dropped charges reporting, especially in major newspapers. #theguardian #wandahalpert

Are Canadian corporations hording money? If so, what is the reason?
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ThreatStorm is the new Google software that lets you know a cyberattack is coming.

Neil deGrasse Tyson is the new Carl Sagan in the TV series, Cosmos, that just launched.

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The Pitch Deck that raised $16.5 million.



You would imagine in the current economy that fewer people would risk their money and spare time to start up their own businesses. But whether it’s an increased awareness of entrepreneurship, or that more people are actually putting their free time (or cognitive surplus as Clay Shirky…